Boston Borough Council undertakes single person discount review with Northgate Public Services

1 December 2015

Boston Borough Council has appointed leading software and outsourcing business Northgate Public Services to review its single person discount to ensure only those who qualify are receiving it.

Currently there are over 8,700 single person discount claimants in Boston borough who receive a total discount of more £2.4 million.

According to Audit Commission figures, more than £200 million worth of Single Person Discounts may be inappropriately awarded across the UK, impacting on already overstretched budgets.

Cllr Aaron Spencer of Boston Borough Council, said: "This is about fairness as much as it is about austerity. It is only fair that all pay their appropriate dues as prescribed by the laws of the land and that some should not slip through the net when others in the same position are fully meeting their obligations.

"It's also about councils collecting in all the cash due to them in order to run the services the public expect, want and demand despite the financial pressures and cuts in funding at this time.

"If someone genuinely qualifies for the single person discount they will receive it. If they don't – well, we are not asking them to contribute any more than they are legally obliged to."

Boston Borough Council, with Northgate Public Services, are using a combination of council data, third party data sources and specialist validation services to:

  • Reaffirm the discount for genuine claimants efficiently and accurately, ensuring that the discount currently paid to those who are eligible is not cancelled;
  • Remove ineligible or erroneous claims to combat fraud and return the appropriate revenue for the council;
  • Provide ‘fairness for all’ so that those who are paying the correct level of Council Tax are not subsidising their fellow citizens who are erroneously claiming the discount.

Anthony Singleton, Executive Director of Services at Northgate Public Services, said:

“We’re pleased to be able to work in collaboration with Boston Borough Council on this contract, which reaffirms our status as the market leader in providing Single Person Discount reviews. After having undertaken over 150 such reviews and collected more than £40 million for councils across the UK, we believed we are well placed to help Boston Borough Council collect the taxes due to them.

“Our experienced council tax team manage the entire review process, including handling all customer contacts, and back office system updates so the council's data is kept up to date. At the same time, our pricing structure means there are no up-front fees and payment is only made against properties identified as occupied, which is great for councils in an era of austerity budgets.”



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