Child Protection Information Sharing

Joining up Health and Social Care

NPS has developed an interface to the Child Protection Information Sharing (CP-IS) project. An NHS England initiative, the project went live in November 2014 and enables information to be shared between NHS unscheduled care settings and children’s social care teams to improve the protection of children that have previously been identified as at risk.



The CP-IS interface developed by NPS enables demographic information about children subject to child protection plans or who have ‘looked-after’ status to be uploaded to a secure NHS database.

If the child is seen at a hospital or other unscheduled care setting, the NHS user is made aware that the child is subject to a protection plan, or has looked-after status and an update is sent to the local authority to alert them that the child has been seen.



Having access to more information enables social care practitioners to determine whether immediate action is required to protect the child.

The NPS CP-IS solution manages the messaging between the two agencies and ensures that the alert is placed into a workflow, so that it is actioned as quickly as possible. The information is recorded as a ‘treatment’ so it can be used for reporting. CP-IS alerts can also be used in conjunction with the new NPS visualisation tools so that they can be viewed on a timeline, alongside any siblings if applicable, to see trends and patterns in behaviour that could help inform decisions.

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