Continuing our good work in Wales

5 July 2016

Joe Bradley, Executive Director, Northgate Public Services

Our work on the Welsh Discretionary Assistance Fund is incredibly satisfying and important.

Every day it provides crisis payments or in kind support for people in emergency situations, helping over 95,000 of the most vulnerable people in Wales since 2013. We were involved from the start, and since then have been quietly providing the infrastructure that supports the fund – namely the contact centre, back office processing and the software.

The key to the fund’s success is its partnerships. The overall scheme is managed by ourselves together with The Family Fund Trading Ltd and Wrexham County Borough Council. We also work incredibly closely with networks of local and regional partners who have a clear understanding of how the scheme works and who qualifies.

Thanks to their help, to date the fund has evaluated almost 150,000 applications and distributed some £22.5 million in support.

We’re really proud of what we’ve achieved so far and, thanks to our contract being renewed for a further year, we’re now looking forward to helping even more people. Our work on the fund builds on the wider NPS Local Welfare Assistance programme, which delivers managed services to four authorities in England and software as a service to over 75 UK authorities.