Creating our green strategy

26 September 2016
Rural Powys

Ian Noble, Chief Operating Officer

As part of becoming a stand-alone business we have been hard at work creating an independent environment strategy. Needless to say, reducing carbon emissions is a key part of what we’re trying to achieve.

We’ve already embarked on one of the most important aspects of the strategy – building a baseline of current emissions by measuring our energy use. We commissioned an independent report on our ability to create energy savings, be it through our use of electricity, natural gas and fuel for transport. That report recommended a variety of improvements, including replacing lights with more efficient LEDs and installing photovoltaic panels.

A key tenet of business is that ‘what gets measured gets done’, which is just as true of work in the environment as it is of our economic bottom line. Creating a baseline gives us a place to start from and, ultimately, to understand how effective any reduction strategies are.

While we are early in the process of measuring and reducing emissions, the early signs are excellent and we see significant opportunities to cut our energy use. Already we have made some major improvements by moving offices in Bracknell and Bristol to smaller, more energy efficient properties. 

Of course cutting emissions is only one part of what our environment strategy is looking to achieve. As an IT-focused company we are incredibly aware of how important it is to sensitively deal with electrical equipment as it approaches its end of life. Wherever possible, we re-use IT equipment or we have it recycled. As a last resort it’s disposed of by a specialist recycling company.

Our success is in the figures – in the first half of 2016, over 95% of our redundant IT equipment was recycled or re-used, with the remainder disposed of responsibly.