NPS Document Management Information@Work

Document Management

Reduced costs. Better customer experience. 

Information@Work Electronic Document and Records Management solution enables you maximise maximize the potential of your most valuable asset – information. It enables you to capture, manage, store, deliver and share business-process information, content, documents and records.

Our document management solutions fully integrates with the back office giving your staff immediate access to vital information.

Key benefits

  • Radically reduces cost of storage and retrieval.
  • Better customer experience through agile working
  • Correspondence sent directly to staff providing faster response to communications
  • Central repository for all electronic files ´╗┐enabling staff to see all documents in a single location
  • Automating the distribution of post inbound mail to staff and providing workflow to enable better management of your team's workloads
  • Integration to NPS Housing for retrieval and automated generation of outgoing forms, letters and notices.