Asset Management

All you need to maintain and maximize your assets' potential, with options for mobile, self-service and business intelligence, all fully integrated into the back-office

NPS Asset Management provides a comprehensive at-a-glance suite of tools. Providers can monitor and improve their assets by giving them the vital insight needed to manage high-cost services like repairs, maintenance and control capital projects.

With the opportunity to be mobile-enabled, NPS Asset Management allows operatives to receive, plan and execute tasks on the move. Combined with self-service, the interactions with repairs staff is reduced to ease the staff input, freeing them up for other tasks, all while improving customer experience and satisfaction.

NPS Housing’s suite of Asset Management modules add control and monitoring to:

  • New builds 
  • Capital project tendering and management
  • Planned cyclical works
  • Inspections
  • Responsive repairs

Vendor and partners can be engaged with work managed through NPS portals, email or B2B distribution. Your organization will be able to apply budgetary controls, automate spend authrorizations, and automatically get the right work to the right people for the right price. Vendors and partners can be enaged through a variet

But, that is not all; NPS Asset Management controls future uncertainty and allows you to plan effectively by providing a view of the strategic and financial value of your properties to support future stock strategies using business intelligence. Our long term capital planning tool includes capability to track the Facilities Condition Index (FCI) and perform what-if scenario modeling to support repair or replace decision making.

Key features:

  • Automated repairs scheduler for employees and customers, fully integrated with self-service.
  • Online access for contractors
  • Mobile enabled for on the go access
  • Self-service to identify the most appropriate channel for each individual
  • SMS communication suite
  • Effective management of all properties throughout their lifecycle with property lifecycle
  • Enabled B2B communications