London Borough of Bexley - ICT outsourcing case study

30 June 2016

ICT partnership will deliver £11 million savings

With spend expected to reduce by 30% between 2016 and 2021, the London Borough of Bexley needed to adapt and think differently about how to address future challenges and deliver effective services.

With over 2,000 end users, supporting a population of 218,000, the council knew ICT would play a pivotal role in delivering effective services. After a detailed procurement process they chose Northgate Public Services (NPS) as their partner.

The council needed a change from the traditional, operationally-led way of working, which they found restrictive and not an effective way to enable change. They were very clear on their priorities and, using NPS’s expertise, developed a plan to address them.

"The NPS transition team worked closely with us to agree and complete transition plan tasks, clearly identifying responsibilities and requirements for all three parties (Bexley, NPS and previous incumbent Sopra Steria). All major requirements have been met, and a pragmatic view taken with regard to any issues and problems that arose. Our overall priority was to deliver a solid ‘Business as Usual’ service from Day 1." Graham Ward, Deputy Director Services & Programmes, London Borough of Bexley

Multiple benefits

The partnership is designed to drive quality, maximise capability and deliver a flexible service whilst delivering the outcomes Bexley identified.

This includes the provision of network and infrastructure services, service desk management, and support for over 200 business applications.

The partnership also involves managing the migration of its server estate to NPS’s data centre – within six months of transition go live. This enables the council to get increased disaster recovery and help release real estate and support its property strategy. By moving to NPS’s target operating model for ICT services the council is benefitting from £11m savings over the next 5 years.

"Planned meetings and strong governance ensured that all involved were kept up to speed with progress and the NPS team provided clear feedback at all times. A smooth transition was achieved with go-live on Friday 1 April 2016. To our great pleasure, no-one seemed to notice the change!" Graham Ward

Community focus

NPS’s goal is not just to save the council money, but to create exceptional IT services that meet the current and future needs of the borough and its community. NPS will help Bexley deliver more for less money, improve existing services, and has created new IT apprenticeships in the local area that are putting young people on a path to skilled, lifelong employment.

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