Mind the GaaP: research report

9 June 2016

What civil servants think about government as a platform and digital transformation 

The last Spending Review heralded a digital revolution, with £450m set aside to help develop Government as a Platform, or GaaP for short.

The concept is simple. Where departments are doing the same things, why not do them in the same way? It would make government services easier to use and cheaper to run. 

GOV.UK came first followed by the identity service ‘Verify’, but how far and how fast can GaaP transform government? 

We asked Dods Research to take a snapshot of how civil servants felt about digital transformation. 

Download the report 

Read Sue Holloway's thoughts on putting people first. 

The survey was carried out by Dods Research during February 2016 and was completed by 2,101 respondents.