Nottingham City Council revenues and benefits case study

17 June 2016

Rethinking revenues and benefits

Working in partnership with Nottingham City Council to deliver a leading revenues and benefits service that will create and protect jobs, secure £6m in savings and improve customer service.

The challenge

The greatest challenge facing local authorities today is balancing austerity budgets. Faced with reductions in government support, further policy change and ever-increasing demand and customer expectations, Nottingham City Council wanted to rethink its revenues and benefits delivery approach.

The solution

Nottingham City Council has formed an innovative partnership with Northgate Public Services to deliver its revenues and benefits service and implement new ways of working. Not only does the partnership look to invest in the service, it also guarantees to protect and create jobs through setting up a new Business Hub from where it will manage the function and offer processing services to other councils and agencies – giving back to the local community and economy.

The outcomes

The partnership will protect over 200 jobs and create up to 170 new roles, including 25 modern apprenticeships. In addition to delivering over £6m financial savings within revenues and benefits alone, the partnership has led to service improvements which benefit local citizens, introduced customer access with more engagement channels and provided a platform for the council to develop a commercial approach to services.

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