PARIS Contactless Payments

2 September 2016
Contactless payments

Customers are becoming more familiar with contactless payments and expect these options to be available.

PARIS Contactless Payments provides a quick and efficient solution to capture and process card payments.

With local authorities operating many public-facing facilities, including leisure centres and registrars it's important to offer tried, tested and trusted payment options.

Contactless is a fast, easy and secure way to pay for purchases costing £30 and under without customer verification.

A high value contactless payment is any transaction that exceeds the contactless limit of £30. Higher value payments operate in a slightly different way to other contactless payments, and must include customer verification. This means that they can only be made using a device that supports a method of customer authentication, such as a smartphone. This authentication process takes place on the customer device and may be through the use of a passcode, or a form of biometric identifier such as a fingerprint.

PARIS is accredited* for contactless and high value contactless payments using contactless-ready Pin Entry Devices Verifone VX 820 (wired connection to NPS PARIS Receipting workstation) and Verifone VX 680 (wireless connection to NPS PARIS Receipting workstation).

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* Subject to ongoing bank accreditation programme.