Relieving the strain on the healthcare system

14 November 2013

Carolyn Barkin, Principal Health Consultant

We are often asked, ‘Does technology really have the power to transform care pathways?’

The question of the power of technology within healthcare is a key one in our technology filled lives today.

At Northgate this question is an equally vital one. With all our experience in delivering health and social care solutions, we would argue that answer is NO, technology does not have the power to transform care pathways because you cannot regard technology as a silver bullet. But while it cannot transform a care pathway, equally, care pathways CANNOT be transformed without the technology to support the process.

And we also need to take into account the human element, such as the fact that real 'disruptive change' comes from people and people are reluctant to change without having the information and evidence to do so.

So that's where technology and the information provided by that technology comes in.  Once people have that information, individuals are more likely to adopt technologies that may create efficiencies and improvements in the way care is delivered. For example, it is a great help in a number of areas, such as clinical technologies. Technologies can be utilised to put into practice real change, in areas like integrated health / social care systems, to support integration of services on the ground.

Northgate has been contributing to the delivery of health services through innovative solutions for over 20 years. Many of these are technological advances, such as our screening solution which provides clinical, management and safeguarding technology to national screening programmes in England and abroad.

Also, we manage, on behalf of HQIP, the National Joint Registry service, which has registered 1.4 million records. It is the largest of its kind in the world and supports best practice and quality assurance of all joint replacements.

This is just a small segment of how we integrate technology into our solutions and goes a long way towards proving the power of technology!