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Rugby Borough Council OHMS Housing Advice case study

OHMS Housing Advice

As a long-time user of OHMS, Rugby Borough Council’s Housing Options team needed a way to provide advice and store the associated data in a single location.

Accessibility was essential and Northgate Public Services’ Housing Advice module met their needs.

Read more in the Rugby Borough Council OHMS Housing Advice case study.

Channel shift savings calculator

Our new channel shift calculator helps to work out the savings you could make from moving time-consuming customer contact online.

Customers often call their housing provider to request a rent account balance and this takes up valuable time and resources. By making this information available to customers online, the time spent dealing with calls can be radically reduced, freeing up time for higher value activities.

Use the return on investment calculator to see the savings you could achieve through channel shift.

By completing the form on the calculator page you can receive a PDF summary report based on the information provided.