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Overview – Document management for housing

Unlocking value from information 

Storing and processing paper files is expensive and inefficient, and an inconsistent approach to managing electronic files reduces your ability to deliver quality services to tenants and customers.

Our Information@Work for Housing electronic document management solution is specifically designed for housing providers to transform how information is managed, improve productivity and release savings. 

It enables the capture and secure management of every type of paper and electronic file including forms, legal documents, emails, photo and inbound/outbound correspondence. The solution includes distribution and work management tools that transform the way documents and communications are processed, delivering a consistently faster and more efficient service.

Industry-leading solution

Based on our industry-leading solution Information@Work, which is used by over 175 organisations, it enables housing officers and other staff to access information from the office or a remote work location. It also includes seamless integration with NPS Housing so all information is immediately accessible from your housing management system.

Documents, files and correspondence are presented alongside other housing management information, enabling staff to see everything they need to know on one single screen.


  • Significant space saving and reductions in storage costs
  • Immediate access to documents from any location, 24/7
  • Staff can concentrate on high value, customer-oriented activities
  • Fraud reduction via storage of/access to photos or relevant identification
  • Supports accommodation reduction strategies
  • Enables home and remote working
  • Ensures business continuity by removing he risk of loss or damage to business critical information

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