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Huntingdonshire Council I@W Case Study

I@W transforms customer service

Huntingdonshire Council is using Information@Work as its corporate Document Management Solution, replacing multiple paper and electronic storage solutions. 

Information@Work provides a single corporate-wide repository for all documents and records, enabling the capture, allocation, processing, sharing and controlled destruction of any type of file. It provides staff with immediate access to information, supports collaborative working and reduces storage costs.

Implementing a single document management solution has transformed customer service, with the team now able to respond to people’s enquiries at the first point of contact. With over 4.6 million records now digitised, paper storage requirements and costs have been reduced significantly.

“I@W is a key corporate system for HDC. Officers from across the Council use it on a day to day basis and my teams work more efficiently and effectively as a result. The Council has an ambitious plan for the future and having systems like I@W helps us achieve these longer term aims.” John Taylor, Head of Customer Service

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