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Northgate Public Services in running to pilot newborn hearing solutions in India

  • India's TechEmerge Health event attracted over 350 participants  
  • NPS reaches final 15 in the race for $1M funding for Indian newborn screening pilot

Northgate Public Services’ has reached the final 15 companies competing for $1 million in funding for its newborn screening pilot as part of India’s TechEmerge Health event.  

The event, which took place in New Delhi on the 15th and 16th of June, had over 350 participants out of which 40 proposals were put forward for the coveted funding and project support for their pilots.

Among these proposals only the top 15 made it to the final shortlist, with Northgate Public Services’ showcasing their pilot for newborn screening in India. The proposal builds on Northgate Public Services’ successful newborn hearing screening programme in the UK and Ireland, which it has managed the screening of  hundreds of thousands of newborns and enables potential hearing issues to be spotted quickly and support to be put in place.

Northgate Public Services had earlier participated in the event, exhibiting their Smart Screening suite of offerings. Easily integrated with clinical hardware and software solutions, these screening solutions (hearing, bloodspot, abdominal aortic aneurism and diabetic retinopathy) enable the early identification and treatment of conditions that may endanger newborns. Being one of the top 15 proposals at TechEmerge health, Northgate Public Services was invited for submitting yet another proposal in partnership with a major healthcare company in India. The announcement of the winning proposal submitted to the TechEmerge committee is expected towards the end of September.

Speaking about the proposed partnership, Northgate Public Services’ Alan Campbell said “The TechEmerge match-making event has indeed been true to its promise of fostering commercial partnerships in Indian healthcare. It has been an amazing platform for innovators in healthcare technology and healthcare providers to network on a collaborative level and build on their synergies to pilot new healthcare technologies in the Indian market. We are excited at the prospects this might bring about and are keen to see what the committee’s verdict is.”

About Northgate Public Services:

Northgate Public Services is a software and outsourcing business with extensive experience in healthcare and the public sector. Its clients include government departments and agencies, local authorities, police and emergency services, hospitals, transport providers and utilities. It also works with housing providers in the UK and internationally. The company is headquartered in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, and employs more than 2,300 people in the UK and internationally.

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Newborn Hearing Screening case study

NHS Newborn Hearing Screening Programme gives children the best possible start

One to two babies in every 1,000 are born with a hearing loss. 

Early identification allows clinicians and parents to provide the right type of support, and in partnership with the newborn hearing screening programme centre, we developed the online information and performance management system which holds data from every NHS maternity unit. 

This national IT system takes results directly from the testing equipment to improve data quality and reduce the burden of administration. 

Since the start of the NHS Newborn Hearing Screening Programme, eight million babies have had their hearing tested and the average time taken to identify hearing loss has dropped from three years to just three months.

Download the case study.