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Brighton and Hove City Council SMS case study

Brighton & Hove City Council (BHCC) has a digital vision to modernise access to services, complementing the government's strategy of 'digital by default'.

Through the Customer Engagement Management (CEM) platform staff can communicate with customers in a modern way using various methods. These include electronic forms, sending text messages and having an online account, in order for customers to engage through channels of their choice.

Did you know?

98% of all text messages get read (Frost & Sullivan)

SMS is the most popular form of communication in the UK (OFCOM)

90% of all emails are spam, compared to only 1% of texts (Symantec)

Integrated messaging module 

Once the text messages are generated from the NPS Revenues system they are sent out to customers via a third party using API (Application Programming Interface) technology. In order to use the SMS outbound service, customers are required to `opt-in' to receiving messages. This opt-in facility was a key factor in BHCC choosing the NPS SMS solution. 

BHCC went a step further by taking the information from the online forms and directly updating the NPS database via APIs, reducing manual intervention, so that staff can focus on more complex queries. Another feature which attracted BHCC to the solution was that it offers a wide range of options for sending bulk or individual messages. By using templates and batch processes, messages can be sent in bulk and at the time you want, to a targeted audience.

"Texts are an easy and affordable way to instantly communicate with a targeted audience. They can be used to rapidly engage with customers to remind them that a payment is due or that further information is required. We found that this prevents further recovery action, saving time and money for both the customer and the council."
Nicky Donaldson-Alldis, Systems Programme Manager, Brighton & Hove City Council

Download the case study