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Strategic Asset Management solution overview

Integrated Asset Management

Strategic Asset Management (SAM) is our market leading integrated Asset Management software, providing a comprehensive suite of tools to facilitate the management of property assets.

With a range of clients from Local Authorities, ALMOs, Registered Social Landlords and Property Surveyors managing between 400 and 95,000 properties, SAM caters for all types of requirements. Many clients have individual needs and our experienced team is able to tailor each implementation specifically for you.

The software is highly adaptable to a range of tasks, from everyday stock condition surveys to more specialised socio-economic tenant surveys. There are specific modules for Housing Standards Monitoring, Scenario Planning, Energy Management, Mobile Surveying and Reporting. Each is described below to give a greater sense of how SAM can help you to develop your asset management plans.

Increased efficiency

Used by over 80 clients within the UK and overseas, SAM is the premier integrated package for Asset Management within the social housing sector. SAM enables you to:

•    Design survey forms for many uses including stock condition.
•    Input data directly or in bulk from spreadsheets.
•    Collect data using mobile handheld devices.
•    Produce 30 (Configurable) Year Cost Plan Analysis.
•    Model data and create planned programs.
•    Integrate with your housing management software.
•    Maintain data accurately and efficiently.
•    Publish reports.

SAM is provided with a web portal that offers web access to the core database and functions. The portal enables you to easily access your asset records and their associated surveys and images. Filtering options ensure that you focus on the records that you need and visibility is given to failing properties. The port l is available with update and/or read only functionality.

Housing interfaces

SAM provides full integration with a range of Housing Systems. These include NPS Housing, NPS OHMS, Capita Housing, Orchard Housing and Simdell Housing.

Where the interface is used the Housing System becomes the master database for your Housing Stock and all new properties and property changes get passed through to SAM.

Stock Condition survey data can interface two ways from SAM to your Housing System and vice versa. Work completed on your Housing system can be used to refresh SAM.

Housing quality standards

SAM supports Decent Homes, SHQS and WHQS processing and reporting. Our experienced team of consultants offer their extensive advice and knowledge to assist with set-up of the relevant quality standard module and can define the attributes and elements used to create your ‘Local Standard’.

Fully integrated with the Scenario Planning function the software allows you to build multiple investment scenarios and to model their effect on Quality Standard projections. The software reports the number of dwellings specifically affected by the mea sure, and allows the user to drill down to those dwellings to analyse addition al investment requirements. Further, users can track and progress against historical baselines.

In-built reporting enables you to prepare your returns quickly and efficiently taking into account decisions concerning tenant refusals and deferred improvement works. SAM can be tailored such that each organisation may have a bespoke Decent Homes Standard.

Energy management

The dedicated Energy module provides a maintained environment for you to store energy survey data. Supporting the latest legislative requirement the module enables you to calculate RdSAP energy ratings and generate EPCs via the Access Elmhurst Energy Portal.

SAM allows you to upload or import energy survey data from external sources, from a dedicated mobile application or direct input and makes the resulting data available for reporting, analysis and comparison with other factors.

Providing a flexible approach to energy management SAM supports integration with Elmhurst Energy Systems for RdSAP calculations, and the Access Elmhurst EPC Portal for the lodgment t and publication of EPCs. EPC results and a copy of the EPC are passed back to SAM for reporting and further reference.

We can provide information regarding accreditation for Domestic Energy Assessors (DEAs) to enable lodgment of EPCs.


The module is in place in over 70 sites. It allows you to record and report on HHSRS. Taking a pragmatic approach, the software allows you to define the hazards and report on those that are relevant and important. The dedicated mobile survey application simplifies the capture of data and uses the indicative assessment process as defined by DCLG.

HHSRS figures are integrated with overall Quality Standard reports. Additionally, separate HHSRS reports can be generated and you are able to identify each property that fails to meet the requirements of HHSRS and drill down to the individual failures for that property.

Mobile working software

NPS Mobile SAM software is used to collect stock condition survey data for in excess of 1 million properties. With user defined survey forms that are replicated on the mobile device and unique question identifications to enable easy version control, you have a highly flexible and self- sufficient tool for the management of current and future surveys. Validation routines ensure your surveyors only capture permitted data and force all mandatory questions or follow on questions to be answered. Routing is available to force the device past inappropriate questions depending on previous answers, thus saving time.

Mobile SAM also allows for the collection of HHSRS data. A dedicated mobile application, provided by Elmhurst Energy Systems, for Energy completes the suite of mobile applications. We are continually looking to invest and innovate to keep Mobile SAM available on the latest versions of Smartphones and Tablets.

Asbestos management

Asbestos recording and reporting is managed through integration with PSI’s Asbestos Management Suite (AMS), where the main activity concerning identification and risk control is carried out. Fully scalable, AMS is used by a broad spectrum of organisations, and is integrated with NPS Housing and Orchard Housing, providing a compelling solution for our clients.


SQL Reporting Services enhances SAM’s existing in-built reporting capabilities providing you with a flexible and powerful reporting tool, whether for simple data searches or complex outputs, the tool offers a user friendly reporting environment. NPS support and consultancy team is available to help you with your reporting requirements and ensure that you get the most out of your asset data.

Business Objects

A Business Objects Universe is also available as an end user tool to further enhance SAM’s reporting capability. This will allow you to create bespoke queries and reports. NPS support and consultancy team can assist you further where required to help you get the maximum from your system.

Implementation and support

We have a dedicated team of implementation staff who work with clients to ensure that they use SAM to its fullest potential. Our team is experienced in creating survey forms that reflect your business needs, ensuring that your existing data is used efficiently and that you are successfully trained in using the software. An implementer will be assigned to your project for the duration ensuring continuity to give you reassurance that your project will be delivered on time and to your satisfaction.

We have a fully trained support infrastructure to deal with your day-to-day issues. This, combined with regular updates to the product, ensures that any difficulties encountered and speedily resolved.

Stock condition surveys

As part of an ongoing review of services, we have teamed up with several surveying companies to provide Stock Condition Surveys, data uploads and validation. This gives the added benefit of knowing that your SAM survey forms and data are compatible and collected in the appropriate format. At the end of the survey we hand over your ‘live’ SAM database which immediately becomes available to you, with its familiar set of query tools and reports.

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