Wealden citizens to benefit from customer service revolution

3 December 2009

Northgate’s ‘Front Office’ solution will be rolled out across the council with the aim of delivering better, more efficient services to the people of Wealden. The Project will:

– provide ‘one-stop’ services for local people;

– join up back-office systems and provide staff with accurate information from a range of sources;

– enable the council to deal with customer requests more effectively, track their progress and increase the number of those dealt with at the first point of contact;

– deliver performance and other management information; and

– improve access to services.

Wealden will be developing the services included in the Project on an incremental basis.

Speaking today, Andy Warburton, Head of Customer Services and Systems at Wealden District Council, said:

“Our Customer Service Improvement Project aims to improve the service we provide to our local residents and businesses by providing all our staff with the information and facilities they need to deal with them. We are delighted Northgate is helping us to bring about our vision for better customer service.”

Dave Meaden, Managing Director, Northgate Public Services, also added:

“This Project will enable front line staff to make a real difference; helping them to treat citizens as ‘whole’ people with demanding and often complex lives. We are delighted to be working with Wealden District Council, helping them to place the citizen at the heart of everything they do.”