Business processing services

Successful business processing services lead to better results at lower cost

This means reduced waiting times for customers, faster payment of benefit claims, fairer collection of taxes, and money put back into front line services.

Our approach to business processing services (BPS) relies on improving processes and the technology that supports them. We don’t think we can do things in the same way but expect to get different results. We combine technology investment with service redesign to change the way activities are carried out, which changes the results that local people can expect.

Our services are provided from our UK Business Hubs. By sharing resources across multiple clients we are able to cut your costs by charging you for only what you need. We help you effectively manage the cost and risk of varying demand from customers.

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Northgate Public Services has an unrivalled knowledge of public service business processes with software solutions in use at over 95% of local authorities, in every police force and in every hospital in the country.