Single Person Discount Review

Single Person Discount Review can increase revenue, remove incorrect claims, with no risk1

Single Person Discount (SPD) Reviews can be resource intensive and costly for council staff to undertake. The Audit Commission reports that councils could be losing £90m a year to false SPD claims, we can help you reduce the significant number of ineligible claims for a 25 per cent single person discount on council tax.

How? We take entire ownership of the review, delivering full verification using high quality data. With 100% risk-reward, this exercise is self-funding. Payments are only made for cancellations which generate a direct cashable saving to your council. Our dedicated and experienced team will deliver according to your needs and timescales.
Our online portal facility provides an alternative response option to the traditional mail and telephone. It enables individuals to respond by completing their declaration electronically, 24 hours a day.
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