Mobile & Flexible Working

Mobile & Flexible Working

Mobile working can transform productivity, reduce costs and improve customer service.

Because staff in the field can access back office systems, they can refer to data and file reports in real-time direct from site. Paperwork, administration and costs are cut immediately.  Processes are speeded up and  staff freed up to use their time more productively. And, since more people can leave the office to interact directly with citizens, customer satisfaction rises too.

We have transformed costs and efficiency for more than 100 local authorities across many functions. Typical gains include:

  • 30% more time to see customers
  • Productivity up by 50%
  • Housing repairs completed 20% faster
  • New benefits claims processed 66% sooner
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Reduced carbon footprint from  fuel savings by field staff.

Our solutions enable you to make increasing use of flexible working, allowing you to save on office space, give your people more freedom and job satisfaction, and improve staff retention by up to 20%.