Payments and Income Management Software

Payments and Income Management Software

Our flexible payment and income management software

PARIS makes it easier for your customers to pay whilst allowing you to manage your income through streamlined processes and access to intelligent reporting.

With the option for cloud hosting, our Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) accredited software provides a comprehensive solution to an organisation’s payment collection and income management software requirements. This flexible suite can be configured to meet the needs of each individual organisation.
Run on Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant infrastructure, PARIS improves customer engagement by supporting multiple payment channels and payment methods including:

  • self-serve and internet payments
  • staff payments
  • CallPay (automated telephone payments)
  • PayPal integration
  • Electronic Licence Management System (ELMS) integration
  • Planning Portal integration
  • customer not present and call assisted for debit/credit card payments
  • customer present for cash, cheque, and card payments including contactless methods such as Apple Pay
  • configurable imports from any source including bailiffs, banks and a full range of integration tools for third-party solutions
  • PayPage – a simple way of integrating payments into any web page
  • SAFEPay – take secure mediated payments over the phone without the operator knowing the card details
  • a digital wallet
  • continuous card payments
  • multi organisation capability

PARIS not only offers payment facilities; it also provides complete functionality required to meet all audit requirements with the opportunity to maximise the efficiency with which payments are processed, reconciled and posted.
The powerful PARIS database and reporting capabilities provide a holistic view of the collection and distribution of the funds that your organisation receives. The solution will deliver daily reconciliation reports and scheduled end of day processing.
PARIS goes that bit further as an intelligent way to manage your income. You can take full control of every aspect of fraud prevention and management.

Find out more about our Contactless Payments, Administration Toolkit and System Optimisation for PARIS.

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