CallTouch communications

CallTouch communications

Touchscreen communications technology.

Our CallTouch solution brings together proven communication and computer technologies into a touchscreen based communications control platform.

CallTouch offers an ergonomically designed touchscreen to support control room staff in handling telephone calls and radio traffic and ensure that they can concentrate on managing the incident, rather than operating the equipment.

At the heart of the system, IP voice communications provide the capability to connect to a wide range of communication devices such as telephony, UHF/VHF and TETRA digital radio. IP network switched communications enable control room staff to efficiently handle all inbound and outbound communications.

A Voice Over IP (VOIP) telephone switch is utilised to terminate telephony circuits, allowing any operator workstation on the network to access any telephone lines for handling inbound or outbound calls. The VOIP switch may optionally be supplemented with an Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) system to route calls to operators in a timely manner.


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