Compass gazetteer

Compass gazetteer

Compass is an intelligent location data hub for policing.

Compass is the national gazetteer standard for all police forces, making it an integral part of any emergency services technology strategy.

By sharing consistent location information between all applications that use address records, you can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your response to incidents and your deployment of resources. Understanding what’s happened previously at a location before attending an incident can improve the response and increase officer safety.

It’s about knowing what’s behind the door.

Using data from Compass in your command and control system, your control room operators will be able to quickly identify previous incidents at a location from existing records.

In addition to being used in the control room, location data from Compass can be used to enhance intelligence. By using geo-tags to link incidents with locations within your existing intelligence applications, you improve the profiling and targeting of prevention activity by area.

Compass allows users to recognise, define and configure boundaries, such as BCUs and beat areas, and then use this information to ensure the effective deployment of resources.

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