Digital evidence

Digital evidence

Digital evidence management.

Covering the entire period from initial investigation through to sentencing, our CONNECT: Digital Assets software helps build multimedia Crown Prosecution Service case files from photographs, audio and different kinds of footage, including body worn video and CCTV.

It supports the Digital Case File and other national Home Office and Ministry of Justice initiatives and can intregrate with a range of operational policing systems.

End-to-end digital evidence

Its advanced index and search function, which was developed by digital media experts FotoWare and their partner MediaLogix, enables it to simultaneously access evidence held in a range of systems. This improves productivity as officers only have to search once for relevant evidence rather than search for different media across digital ‘silos’.

It can also incorporate evidence from the growing field of cybercrime, as well as that captured by the public on smartphones and shared online via social media or directly with police.

CONNECT: Digital Assets can operate as a stand-alone system, link to core operational policing systems or connect to our Socrates forensics system, currently used by over 30 UK forces.

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