Information@Work for Housing – our marketing leading electronic document and records management solution – will help you to reduce your costs, provide a more efficient service and support agile working.


You will make savings by reducing storage space requirements and also reducing the time staff spend retrieving documents, emails and files.

Paper documents will be scanned and stored within the Information@Work for Housing’s secure repository – removing any risk of damage or loss whilst guaranteeing business continuity.

Agile working becomes a reality.  Every document, file and communication can be accessed by every member of staff, regardless of where they are.  Staff no longer need to visit offices to see paper files, everyone can see every file at the touch of a button – delivering a quicker, more informed, customer service.

Information@Work for Housing’s workflow will automatically distribute correspondence to staff, speeding up customer response times. 

Work tray tools will allow staff and team leaders to monitor and manage workload more effectively and comprehensive reporting on work processing will allow managers to gain a greater insight into the efficiency of your organisation.