Customer Services Transformation

Our Customer Services efficiency programmes have delivered in excess of £30m across the UK.

Today’s customers want services delivered in a variety of ways, from the traditional Town Hall to Interactive Social Media. They demand 24/7 access and expect things to get done quickly in a way that suits them.

How well are you serving your customers today?

Are your services targeted and accessible to all members of the community?

Do you consistently deliver a ‘Right First Time’ service?

We have built up an enviable track record, working with many councils’ helping them to innovate and transform their approach to customer services.

Our hands on, customer centric approach ensures you can have the absolute confidence to change forever the way in which you interact with your communities.

“We’ve known for a long time that there must be big savings and significant improvements across Customer Services.  What Northgate Public Services has done is to provide the know-how and drive for it to be achieved.  That will strike a chord with others – we all have a willingness to improve.  The need is to address it and change it.”

Gary Pickering, Interim Chief Executive, Trafford Council