Central government

Central government

Digital transformation in government.

We help to transform government services. By focusing on user needs we built a payment system for the HGV Road User Levy, a time-based charge on foreign-registered lorries, that has seen 97% of payments from over 60 countries made through online self-service. 

We're also helping the Welsh Government to provide emergency financial and in-kind support through its Discretionary Assistance Fund

Flexible platforms

Our software platforms can create digital services quickly and effectively, streamlining eligibility or charging so that systems can flex even when the rules change. 

Like the Organ Donor Register, which allows the four UK governments to manage both opt-out and opt-in schemes while keeping a robust record of everyone's choices. 

"We needed an Organ Donor Register that was fit for the future and chose Northgate Public Services to deliver it. The team had experience with similar programmes of this scale and their software platform gave us all the benefits of a bespoke development, like flexibility, but with the added confidence of a fully-supported system that was proven elsewhere."  
Aaron Powell, Chief Digital Officer, NHS Blood & Transplant

Innovative partnerships

The partnerships that we build tie our success to that of our clients.

The Blue Badge improvement service was created for the Department for Transport with no capital outlay and we are paid by local authorities on a transaction basis. Over 200 local authorities connect to a national database in different ways to suit their set up, making it a robust system that remains finely tuned to the needs of local communities. 

Our software platforms are also simplifying data sharing and revolutionising collaboration through the Athena programme. 

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