Health screening

Screening that supports preventive healthcare. 

Over the last eight years we have worked closely with the National Screening Committee and its programme centres to deliver innovative ICT solutions which underpin the delivery of the following screening programmes:

NPS has also been chosen to provide the national diabetic retinopathy eye screening IT system for NHS Scotland. The system is designed to to support the annual retinal screening of over 300,000 people with diabetes, which is expected to grow to 480,000 people within 20 years. 

Successful screening programmes are highly dependent on robust procedures, good professional training and innovative information solutions. When these components complement each other they deliver screening programmes which perform efficiently and effectively.

Our capabilities include:

  • Cohort identification
  • Call/recall and appointment booking
  • Data collection and recording
  • Quality and failsafe assurance
  • Information management and reporting
  • Service improvement and transformation.

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