Information Services

Advanced health information services.

As a leading provider of informatics solutions and services to the healthcare market, we can help to address the specific challenges of compliance with data security and confidentiality whilst providing clinicians, managers and supply chain partners with the information needed to plan and deliver high quality, cost effective services to patients.
Our health informatics team combines leading edge technology expertise with deep domain knowledge in the provision and management of healthcare services and the monitoring and measurement of clinical practice and patient outcome. We offer specific expertise in the capture and reporting of registry data, with particular focus on the recording and tracking of implantable medical devices. In this area, our services extend into supporting advances and innovations in healthcare resulting from the safe introduction of next-generation medical devices into the UK market.
Clinical Indicators (CIMs) is our benchmarking service for hospitals. It gives managers and clinicians access to insightful and and up-to-date comparative information against their peers. CIMs is a suite of web-based reports providing Irish hospitals with a comparison of hospital activity and outcomes. They are based on routinely collected data, such as HIPE and PTR and are refreshed on a monthly data
All of our registry products and systems are built on our powerful RaaS Platform, allowing them to be highly configurable and easily customised to meet specific and evolving informatics needs. Our RaaS platform includes advanced data visualisation tools unlocking high-end analytics to the end user, in a easy to use environment.
The Orthopaedic Data Evaluation Panel (ODEP) provides on-going assessment of hip implants to benchmark both hip femoral stems and hip acetabular cups against NICE guidance.



For more information visit the ODEP website or click the image below.