Local government

Transforming local government services.

The nature of local government services is fundamentally changing.

Austerity budgets are ongoing. Central government is pushing for increasingly shared services, greater efficiency, and – above all – to make digital government the de facto standard.

The passion and commitment of many local government staff is undiminished, but there are many calls on their reducing resources.

We believe in partnerships. Our role is to use our decades of experience in outsourcing to help local government rethink how their services can be provided at lower cost.

Our software platforms are used to improve customer service, process housing benefit, pay council tax, perform social care assessments, manage housing allocations and streamline the planning process.

Our outsourced services help to improve performance and save money. We run whole functions on behalf of our clients, from customer service to ICT and Blue Badge parking, and our network of Business Hubs provide on-demand business processing services to keep performance high at all times.

We also help devise better ways of working, savings council departments millions of pounds with our low-risk transformation services