London Councils - Appeals Service

London Councils – Appeals Service

London Councils to adopt new technology and move parking appeals service on-line.

The vast majority of the 60,000 parking appeals made in London each year are on paper, meaning over 640,000 pieces of correspondence have to be processed. There are also 75,000 calls from motorists to trace towed away or relocated cars.

London Councils is working with Northgate Public Services to make this appeals service more responsive and cost-effective by using technology to encourage on-line appeals, automate processes, reduce reliance on paper and cut down on data entry.

This will improve the service for anyone making appeals as well as for enforcement authorities and adjudicators.

When the service goes live in summer 2015, people will be able to submit appeals and provide supporting evidence on-line, as well as make real-time enquiries about their appeal. They will also be able to text or call to track the location of vehicles that have been parked illegally and re-located or towed away to a pound.

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"With 640,000 pieces of correspondence received in 2012/13 and 1,000 statutory declarations made, we needed to look at bringing in new technology for the appeals procedure. Northgate Public Services will help to make processes more electronically driven. This should help motorists and bring in savings in both time and money.”

    – Nick Lester, London Councils’ Corporate Director, Services.