Policing software


A proven solution for policing 

With decades of experience and the most advanced technology on the market, we’re helping forces to transform productivity, engage their partners and build a new relationship with the public. 

Targeting resources

Our CONNECT platform brings disconnected data together and makes it immediately available to those who need it. Already used by 13 UK forces, it automates manual tasks and allows for targeted assessments of risk, freeing up resources and enabling better decision making at every stage.

Meeting changing and uncertain demand

CONNECT is designed to be future-proof, with configurable off-the-shelf components that are continually improved to allow forces to adapt to new ways of working. New technologies like digital asset solutions can be connected with ease, enabling fast-growing formats like video evidence to be as accessible as other forms. 

Building new partnerships with the Public and Partners

By holding police information in one place and to common standards, CONNECT makes it available securely and automatically to victims, witnesses and the wider public. It enables the rapid development of new online channels without adding to the administrative burden as information flows directly into core systems without manual intervention. Decisions Support through THRIVE+ CONNECT also transforms multi-agency working and PROBLEM SOLVING, with partners able to share information, identify those most at risk and ensure the right support from the right agency at the right time.  

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